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This is a thorough list and I love it—but not for the reasons of others. So a smidgen now and then is de rigour in my book. Warmly, Dr. Evan Stark PhD. Wow, what a list. There were quite a few I never heard of before! Now that I know, I can avoid them. Thank you, ProWritingAid. Thank you so much for sharing these. Thank you so much. Hi everyone I was wondering if you can help me figure out the title of this book I read a little over a year ago It has to do with a wealthy girl who runs away from home to find herself in the streets.

She becomes friends with a group or a "gang" of pickpockets. I distinctly remember that most of them were good kids expect for one of them who I believe was named Jack? I'm not quite so sure. There was also a character which was a small boy who grew fond of this girl. She would read to them every night.

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She also fell in love with the leader of the "gang". The mean boy Jack tried to force himself on her and was shunned from the group.

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Jack teams up with an evil man who is the leader of a rival pickpocket gang and they try to take them out. By this time the girls older brother finds her and takes her back to her rich lifestyle. Can anyone help me? Theres also a sequel to that book. It is set later when the girl is a young lady and she meets again with the kid she fell in love with and they have an affair and blah blah you know the rest haha. Also there's a book really similar to If You Deceive by Kresley Cole same time period I believe except: -Theres a poor girl who works at a bar and she meets this handsome lord.

Anyways something happens that she goes back to where she lived neighborhood and gets herself really sick. The lord comes to find her and her prostitute friend tells him that she died and was in this building where they keep the bodies. He finds her on the table and she was bleeding she had lost the babe and she recuperates and they live happily ever after I also believe he was extremely rich and he left his rather luxurious home to live downtown paris or another setting because something happened In any case, that's what I've been looking into.

Most of them seem to be doctor-nurse romances, but I couldn't find a nurse-patient book that fits your description. It's harder with older books because sometimes there isn't a description available, the description is short, or the description is vague.

Wild for You (Always a Bridesmaid, #3) by Jessie Evans

Would you like to do search on your own? Starlight genie - thank you so much for your help, I will try this website you mentioned! I was wondering if you could help me figure out what book this is it has be bugging me for ever not being able to figure it out! I remember very little about the book. I can't remember the title, author or even the character's names since its been a while since I read it The children aren't her own. The kids were given up by their parents, because they were poor.

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Everyone is under the impression that the husband is kind by taking in these poor kids, but in reality he abuses them. I think he might've even been a pedophile? No one knows his secret except the heroine. But she escapes with these children and tries to go back and save the rest of them. I don't quite remember how she meets the hero of the story, but I think he's titled as well and he tries to help out the heroine by formulating a plan since her husband is well-known.

Random facts I remember about from this book is that the heroine was also abused by her husband and I think punished by being put in a cage? Hope that made sense Thanks in advance! Hello all new here as well. I know a knight inherits land but when he gets there its been razed. The cover was all reds with a girl leaning backwards in a beautiful gown with a man holding her i think but i might be blending stories Thank you! Hi klkeefe, I think I read something like that not to long ago though it wasn't medieval but more Regency.

But it rings a bell. Not sure if I'm not mixing up two books though. It sounds a little like Fairest of them All by Theresa Medeiros, but I don't think the plot points all match up. The heroine is a beauty in disguise, but I don't remember the land being razed.

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I have been searching for a contemporary romance novel for years. The heroine thinks she is dating a guy but he is an FBI agent? I believe she is a secretary and it looks as if her boss is involved in baby smuggling or some other type of illegal activity. She is taken down to the police station, in front of everyone at work I believe and the young brash agent along with his older much more mature partner question her for hours.

The brash agent even scares her by mentioning having to go into witness protection.

click here They are apparently holding her long enough so they can install a wire tap in her house. When she meets up with him the hero who wants revenge against this man kidnaps her and gets shot in the process.

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  6. I think the guy was going to kill her after she gave him the information. They hole up in a hotel for a while, he is a widower and his ex-wife was a supermodel? Remember her having to wear some of her clothing and then they made out on the balcony but he gets distracted when he sees the magazine she was reading which has the dead wives face on it. They fall in love and get together for the first time while out dancing one night. I also believe she is a red head and is described as making a transition as the story goes on gaining confident and not appearing as mousy in looks anymore.