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Great tips, thanks! I can imagine that you miss doing water sports with your husband, but well, at some point you get to do this again! I second your tips and would add to get an amazing floating with legs with sun canopy built in. They were very useful when my kids where babies.

I love those things, and for some reason never remember to bring one when we travel. Your little girl is too cute!

Seems like you and your husband have a good system. Awee what a cute little baaaaby.

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Although I get its more complicated, it sure seems amazing on another level. Thanks, Tina! Being prepared is so important! What a lil cutie pie!

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Always plan ahead with all necessary supplies handy. My aunt used to freeze a spray bottle with water and take out with baby during hot weather. Really so cute!!

How To Enjoy a Beach Vacation with a Baby | Diapers in Paradise

I had my son in a beach town and we loved going down to the water.. These are some great things to remember!! Ugghhh, yes the sand in the diapers. That is the worst! Having a baby in a beach town sounds just wonderful! Such a happy baby! Both my kids were beach babies too — even as toddlers they would love to go to the beaches. There is no stopping them now that they are in their pre-teens. She looks like the happiest baby in the whole wide world! What an amazing glimpse of your time with your baby.

Thank you for sharing. You should probably know the baby beforehand, right? Just kidding! This is also useful for adult babies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bring on the beach! Protect those rolls!

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  5. 1. Be Flexible.

Enjoying some lounge time in Thailand. No, not that kind! Or milk. Say whaaat? Dani Ward. Previous Post A Day in Matera. And a few of the sippie cups end up covered in sand. So bring a few extra. The oversized baby beach hat is an absolute must. The UV protection is an added bonus. Between the spit-up, bathing suit being pulled off, and 3 oversized coolers, you deserve to bring a little bit of practical cuteness to the beach too.

Moms, bring a boss diaper bag that fits the season to a T.


But bring a few toys with you too. Apply and reapply while you kiss their heads and tickle them until they scream. Baby sunburns are no joke.

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They will get the sand everywhere. The fabric is lightweight for swimming and dries quickly. It is a great idea for moms who want to enjoy the water while holding baby. And Moby Wrap makes a bamboo version that offers UV protection. On a beach, you need more than sunscreen to protect young skin from the punishing rays. A pop-up tent is a great answer, as is any kind of canopy.

Earlyears has a Baby Shade Beach Pool that does double duty, keeping baby both cool and occupied on long summer afternoons.

How To Enjoy a Beach Vacation with a Baby

It offers shade for baby, while still allowing them to have fun splashing in the water and maybe you can get a break, too. You can get the optional sunshade for SPF 50 sun protection, too. This compact chair and umbrella is durable, washable and folds up easily.