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But even so, he is an Englishman. And the right to say one's mind is an accepted right recognized even by those who may disagree, because if you only want to hear what you consider nice, then you are controlling thought, which is something done only in the pages of Orwell's and present day North Korea. Now let us turn to Singaporeans reactions. Hundreds if not thousands, even hundreds of thousands almost in unison, began lambasting Casey.

You can see the flood of these attacks that have been pouring in ever since Casey began his insults in the form of blogs, telephone calls, videos and even death threats. Even the island's Minister for Law, a Tamil Singaporean ass-licker of the ruling Chinese Lee family weighed in on the attack describing what Casey had done as unacceptable.

Even the foreign press, mainly British, clearly not understating fully what Singapore is, which is nothing better than a Lee family dictatorship, a one party police state with no rule of law and with it's citizens living daily in fear of their government, has been reporting on the apparent overwhelming hatred towards Casey in the island republic. Although this may come as a shock to many, let me make this clear. Compared to the average Singaporean who lives under the Lee dictatorship, Casey is a far better human being.


For want of a better choice, if asked to choose, I would walk with Casey anytime rather than Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans. This is what I think of the Singaporeans who have chosen to remain in the island. You can see, it is true, a massive island wide outrage against Casey for what he has said. This is corruption, plain for all to see. Yet no Singaporean has ever dared to write blogs and make videos attacking the Singaporean dictators of corruption, let alone making death threats against Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

Strangely there is no public outrage against the corruption, like the island wide indignation to what Casey had said, even though whatever has been said by Casey in no way measures up to Lee's simply stealing the money. Yet we do not see hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans writing blogs, making videos and sending death threats to Lee Kuan Yew and son demanding democracy and the rule of law.

Strangely here too Singaporeans seem to have no complaint whatsoever. Why is this so? They will simply follow their leader only when it is safe and their victim is helpless. In this matter, Casey is an easy target. He is a foreigner, with no clout in the island. This is the behavior of a coward. On the other hand, Casey may have some unacceptable views about the people in whose country he lives. But at least he has balls. He had the courage to say it like it is.

Unlike him Singaporeans have no balls.

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They are just cowardly opportunists who work like dogs in a pack. They will complain only when it safe in Lee Kuan Yew's island. Otherwise they have nothing to say. Although I find the average Singaporean a disgraceful coward, with an incapacity for independent thinking, I have to admit not all Singaporeans are so. They do not want to live in a dictatorship peopled by a population which is only capable of a pack mentality. Once again if I had to choose to walk with Casey or the average brain dead Singaporean, I would choose Casey anytime.

And please feel free to quote me if you want.

Infamous Quotes From Singapore Political Leaders

It wouldn't bother me in the least. And as for Lee Kuan Yew's cyber brigade who would now be sending me a barrage of hate mail, you would be wasting your time. I will delete them.

Posted by Gopalan Nair at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. If you find yourself warring with other contributors over deletions, reversions and so on, why not take some time off from the editing process? Taking yourself out of the equation can cool things off considerably. Take a fresh look a week or two later. Or if someone else is claiming "ownership" of a page, you can bring it up on the associated talk page. Appeal to other contributors, or consider the dispute resolution process. Although working on an article does not entitle one to "own" the article, it is still important to respect the work of your fellow contributors.


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When making large scale removals of content, particularly content contributed by one editor, it is important to consider whether a desirable result could be obtained by working with the editor, instead of against him or her - regardless of whether he or she "owns" the article or not. Hopefully we can resolve the issues in a more sensible way ok. My 2 singaporean cents. Are these fleet retired? Singapore Airlines destinations , Singapore Airlines Cargo destinations , SilkAir destinations as well as other lists of this type are under going AFD here , just to let you know.

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You may wish to voice your opinion on whether such lists should remain or should be removed from Wikipedia. This article needs to be drastically cut up into smaller topics. The immense size merely discourages people from reading any of it. Singapore Airlines article would seem to be an encyclopedia in itself. I am not suggesting that we remove any information, but there is an awful lot of stuff that I wouldn't need to know unless I was an avid aircraft or airlines enthusiast.

Can we build some concensus on where we should place separate topics? Because I know that if I start cleaning this up, someone will revert everything. Hopefully if we split it into separate topics, then people can fight over more specific topics without trashing other material. I have a suggestion regarding the flight numbers. Moving these to the flight number article to make a general directory of all flight numbers, using the SQ numbers as a starting basis, would shorten the article without deleting information; a suitable link would be left on the Singapore Airlines and the flight numbers can link back to Singapore Airlines.

The same could be done with Code sharing. What do you think? Unfortunately, I still think the current format is still a directory. I think it should be shortened and referenced to flight number. What do other people think?

I want to avoid a revert war. Proposals: 1. Combine the listing of codeshare flight numbers; 2. Remove the unutilised and chartered listings; 3. Add an appropriate reference for further information outside wiki. The justification is: 1. Codesharing arrangements are listed in the table of the section above; 2. From various different sources it's pretty certain that the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines was headquartered in Singapore. If not, where was it incorporated?

I see that a number of edits have been done on the name of the airline. When reverting someone else's edit, please provide an informative edit summary e. The changes in the name of the airline are not obvious vandalism. Please discuss the name of the airline here on the talk page before making any further changes to it. I have kept quiet the past couple of months about this page.

I have made some good edits in other airline pages, and I want to intergrate them into this page. All of these pages look similar to each other, which will make it easier on the reader to navigate through those pages. Everything is in the same consistent order and all features of the sections in the articles match up.

Take a look at this page. Click on other Star Alliance airlines' pages. They look completely different compared to this page. Any reader in my mind would find that this article includes complex information that does not need to be displayed. Registration numbers, flight numbers, and so on to me take up space and are useless. Any reader would see that the layout is not consistent with other pages.

This page as I have said so many times before needs serious attention and help.

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I want to at least change a few things JUST to make it "go with the flow" with the other pages. I read the mediation, and to tell you the truth, you guys have missed my point. Some time ago, I removed the blank "Financial performance" section under "Corporate management".

It seems that nothing about financial performance has been added since then, yet it seems relevant. Can anyone shed any light on the significance of the word "Kris" to Singapore Airlines? I know a Kris is a ceremonial dagger in the south east asian area, but it features heavily in Singapore Airlines marketing. Just curious? It seems that Huaiwei is reverting edits made by others, even when the edits are factually correct and are referenced.