Guide Spatial Filtering for the Control of Smart Structures: An Introduction

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Smart piezoresistive tunnelling composite for flexible robotic sensing skin.

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Smart Mater. Bruck, H. Compliant artificial skins to enable robotic sensing and training by touch. In Proc. Zimmerman 31—40 Springer, Society for Experimental Mechanics, Kane, B. A traction stress sensor array for use in high-resolution robotic tactile imaging. Engel, J. Polymer micromachined multimodal tactile sensors. A , 50—61, doi: Charalambides, A.

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A novel all-elastomer MEMS tactile sensor for high dynamic range shear and normal force sensing. Xu, T. High resolution skin-like sensor capable of sensing and visualizing various sensations and three dimensional shape.

  1. Hubbard Jr., James | Texas A&M University Engineering.
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  4. Wettels, N. Biomimetic tactile sensor array. Mei, T. An integrated MEMS three-dimensional tactile sensor with large force range. A 80 , —, doi: Development of polyimide flexible tactile sensor skin. Lai, Y. Syst 21 , —, doi: Vishniakou, S.

    Spatial Filtering for the Control of Smart Structures

    Tactile feedback display with spatial and temporal resolutions. Canavese, G. Piezoresistive flexible composite for robotic tactile applications. A , 1—9, doi: Patterson, R. The induced vibration touch sensor - a new dynamic touch sensing concept. Robotica 4 , 27—31 Cutkosky, M. Santos Ch. Edwards, J. Extracting textural features from tactile sensors. Shimoga, K. Soft robotic fngertips 1: A comparison of construction materials. Zhang, Y. Sensitivity enhancement of a micro-scale biomimetic tactile sensor with epidermal ridges. Choong, C. Highly stretchable resistive pressure sensors using a conductive elastomeric composite on a micropyramid array.

    Chen, Y.

    Spatial Filtering Introduction with An Example - Digital Image Processing

    Stretchable touch-sensing skin over padding for co-robots. Kujawski, M. Elastomers filled with exfoliated graphite as compliant electrodes. Carbon 48 , — Wissman, J. New compliant strain gauges for self-sensing dynamic deformation of flapping wings on miniature air vehicles. Sauerbrunn, E.


    Thermal imaging using polymer nanocomposite temperature sensors. A , —, doi: Enriched sense of touch with compliant multi-layer sensing structure. Taya, M. Knite, M.

    Spatial Filtering for the Control of Smart Structures An Introduction by Hubbard & James E.

    Polyisoprene-carbon black nanocomposites as tensile strain and pressure sensor materials. Act A , — Beruto, D. Piezoresistance behavior of silicone-graphite composites in the proximity of the electric percolation threshold. Ding, T.

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    Changes in electrical resistance of carbon-black-filled silicone rubber composite during compression. B 45 , — Zhang, R. B 76 Hu, C. Hu, N. Acta Mater. Elastomer-carbon nanotube composites as prospective multifunctional sensing materials. Wang, L. Carbon 48 , —, doi: Huang, Y. Tailoring the electrical properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composites. Yi, W. Tanaka, M. Development of a tactile sensor system for reading Braille: fundamental characteristics of the prototype sensor system.

    Miyata, K. Wearable tactile sensor system for reading braille. Kim, S. Texture classification using a polymer-based MEMS tactile sensor. Wisitsoraat, A. Low cost thin film based piezoresistive MEMS tactile sensor. A , 17—22, doi: Odin, C. Arabshahi, S. Development of a tactile sensor for Braille pattern recognition: sensor design and simulation. Buttazzo, G.

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    7. Finger based explorations. Casasent — SPIE, Okamura, A. R Core Team. R: A language and environment for statistical computing. Soetaert, K. Pau, G. EBImage: an R package for image processing with applications to cellular phenotypes. Bioinformatics 26 , —, doi: Download references.

      We also appreciate the efforts of Gokhan Ocel in configuring a robot arm with this finger. All authors reviewed the manuscript. Correspondence to Elisabeth Smela. The Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Maryland may choose to file patent applications on behalf of the authors.