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It's a charming story about equality wrapped up with simple language and repetitive phrases. Beautiful book that my 9 month old son loves as a bedtime story. We like this one as a bedtime story. Loved doing the actions especially at the end with the three little kisses on the end of your nose! Also great to teach baby about different cultures.

This is such a beautiful book, Thomas seemed to really like the babies in this book. Highly recommended. My 2 year old loves this book to bits, she knows it word for word and tells me off for finishing to page 'cause she wants to! Brilliant book for bedtime cause it ends with a kiss.

My daughter is just 12 weeks old and really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the way it flowed and we ended the story with kisses on her nose. These books are great for babies and toddlers at story time they can listen and copy the actions to have fun with others. We were given a copy of this book by a friend and my little girl really liked it.

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It was a good way of teaching her the names of various body parts, as well as giving me an excuse to snuggle her silly at the end! My 20 month old loves this book, so much so she finishes the last word of each page before i do. She enjoys looking at the picture's of the children in the book and giggles when she gets a kiss on the end of her nose, like the baby in the story.

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Great for the youngest of babies as it invites adults to talk about the pictures and to interact with their baby as they look at the book together. Read more about Friends.

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Tickle, Tickle. Ideal for any time of the day, especially bathtime and bedtime, the language and repetition make this book good to read aloud. Read more about Tickle, Tickle. Search the site Search term is required. Mem Fox Mem Fox is Australia's favourite children's picture book author. Best Books for years Take a look at our pick of the best books for year olds from the last years. Newborns A selection of books for sharing with newborns, but many can be enjoyed by older babies, toddlers and even preschoolers.

Best Books for 1-year-olds Board books with flaps are great for toddlers at this age. Baby's First Books It's never too soon to start enjoying books and reading - and these engaging baby books are the perfect places to start. Multicultural It is essential that books reflect the world around us. Read this book?

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