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New and forthcoming Backlist. Servizi Newsletter Appuntamenti Events Promotions. Browse book. Costantino D'Orazio is a writer and an art historian. Ville e palazzi, un'eccellenza italiana 1. Da fattoria a villa, da reggia a fortezza 2. La rinascita del Trecento e la febbre edilizia del Quattrocento 3. Oltre Firenze, cantieri aperti 4. Il fenomeno Palladio 5. L'irrefrenabile fantasia del barocco romano 6. Le ricercatezze del Settecento 7. Tra papi e banchieri 9.

Il fasto delle Due Sicilie Nota bibliografica Elenco delle ville e dei palazzi. Anteprima del testo delle prime cinque pagine a stampa del primo capitolo. In the period from November to March inclusive , in case of bad weather and high temperatures the maze is closed to visitors.

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Info: Villa Pisani. Franco Maria Ricci has always loved mazes. A little childish spirit , an eternal Peter Pan, a convinced admirer of Calvino. Franco Maria, who became famous thanks to sophisticated art books and a magazine that made history FMR designed to Fontanellato Parma , the largest green labyrinth in the world. The work should be in the pipeline: eight acres of labyrinth , square meters, three miles of vegetable tunnels, five meters high. A labyrinth completely that climbs out of bamboo canes, from Liguria and France.

The maze will fit within a much larger project, a sort of park art in collaboration with the Castles of the Duch , with a museums and conference rooms: a dream for every novel patron of the twenty-first century. This wonderful intellectual amusement park will allow visitors to spend a different Sunday, enjoying the works of art but also to having fun. There will be benches, lawns, ice cream , accordion players , and then the big maze. He was obsessed, constantly quoted them in his stories, as in the theme of the traitor and the hero.

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Borges was a guest in my house twenty days, in the eighties, and it was then that I began to think of building a veritable labyrinth. The taste is exquisitely Baroque. Designed by Romano Garzoni, amateur architect fond of botany, as many gentlemen of the seventeenth century Lucc; he designed this sumptuous and redundant glimpse of the garden.

The Castle of St.

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Two labyrinths enclosed in this treasure trove of walls: that of the minotaur and the one of the mirrors. The Minotaur , which is at the center of the maze, can be reached after many mistakes and stumble. You will come across a small plane, like a modern Icarus …. Masino castle , thanks to its strategic location that allowed control over a large territory between Ivrea it had very ancient origins: it was originally a simple fortification with a square corner towers.

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  6. The maze, inside the botanical garden, offers a lot of paths. Info: Masino maze.

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    In the Park of Prehistory in Cremona, an ancient woodland on the left bank of the river Adda, yoc can als enjoy the charm of the labyrinth, built with massive and dense hedges, the best reminiscences fairytale for adults and children. Info: Cremona maze. One of a kind example of agriculture in South Tyrol, it has become an ecological exmple, as well as visual.

    You will come across traditional blooms, love and respect for nature.

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    In autumn the first orchards were planted. During the spring it was built the labyrinth structure designed by Gernot Candolini and planted vineyards. Thus the heart of the garden began to bea. Then followed other measures relating to other structures on the estate: the theater , the terraces, the pool and other elements that make up the entire body of the park consists of the estate, from the production and all the people who live and work there.

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    A grain of green not to be missed. Info: wine maze of Merano. Still a powerful dive in history: this will be the time to amaze us glimpses flowering of the Boboli Gardens , in the wonderful park of the palace of the Medici. Undisputed Wonder of Florence, this geometry hedges and bushes surrounding the famous Fountain of Mostaccini , whose sequence of waterfalls is an exceptional example of seventeenth-century antique troughs for decoy birds , which are used in the practice of bird.

    Similarly, looking and ragnaie , all that remains of the primitive architecture green garden along in search of the remains of the monumental , mazes whose use and conception was at the time , full of mythical and allegorical meanings. A appuntameno with our history not to be missed. We want to conclude this excursus on the green maze with an example of a stone labyrinth : the of the Castle of Donnafugata Ragusa, Sicily. The style of the castle is not predefined and does not coincide with the imaginary classic, but is characterized by a set of different architectural and artistic elements: built on an ancient building with Gothic elements — Venetian especially the loggia with trefoil arches.