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Sign up to our newsletter to receive our weekly email digest every Friday morning and read about the best freelancing and small business articles on InvoiceBerry. Chimney sweeps are usually a one-man band. Salary The salary differs significantly on the location, experience, self-set-fees and complexity of the job. Risks The job involves quite a few risk such as working at high elevations of surfaces that might be slippery. Additional services The chimney sweep business is largely seasonal. Recommended Articles. Ready to start invoicing your clients with InvoiceBerry?

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  • So, if you need chimney waterproofing in […]. Exterior Chimney Repair Do not let water penetrate your masonry chimney. As a result of moisture freezing and thawing, your chimney will rapidly deteriorate. Blaze Rite will fix cracks in the crown and missing mortar between bricks. In fact, the cost of preventative maintenance is a fraction of what it costs to rebuild a chimney.

    Starting Chimney Sweep Business – Profitable Business Plan

    The image below is of a collapsing flue system on a home that just went through a real estate transaction. The flue system in this […]. Hire a Chimney Inspector Today. Every fall, Upstate New York residents work hard to prepare their homes for the winter months.

    The one thing they tend to neglect is their fireplaces and chimney. This makes little sense considering the potential for risk to both property and lives. Chimney Video Scans If your current chimney company is not performing a video scan of your masonry chimney, they are doing you a huge disservice. Only a video scan can reveal the types of defects that could cause a chimney fire… or far worse, a structure fire. Ask your chimney professional if they perform video […].

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    Blaze Rite is owned and operated by Robert Doherty. After spending more than 20 years in various sales and marketing roles in the construction and building industry, Robert has seen the best and worst of construction industry customer service.

    Chimney Sweep Franchise Testimonials - Kurt Matthews - Part 2

    Having spent the last several years learning the chimney services trade from his brother David, Mr. Chimneyman ; and receiving his Certified Chimney Sweep credential from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Robert Doherty and Blaze Rite is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for quality work at a fair price. Homeowner thought her only option was complete rebuild.

    Which could be 12K or more. Please contact us to get started: Request an Estimate.

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    Learn More. Why Blaze Rite? Services Overview.

    Why Blaze Rite?

    With this in mind, call to […] Learn More.