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Using mobile GPS data and open-source data from New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, we were able to extract individual trips within each park from mobile phone users that allowed us to generate spatial-temporal information such as travel speed, trip duration, hotspots, number of visitors, and shared experiences.

We used several techniques to extract this information, such as a 1-dimentional range search to identify our trips, and the HDBSCAN algorithm to create our clusters.

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Our data came from LiveRamp , a mobile advertisement company. This data, however, has gone through some processing to be what you see here. Also, we'd also like to point out that this data does not represent all park-goers. Special thanks to our data provider Liveramp.

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Using mobile GPS data to understand spatio-temporal public space usage and social interactions in the NYC public parks. Where are Shared Experiences Mobile GPS data, and big spatial data in general, has the potential to identify shared experiences in spaces.

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Park Name. Map Type Travel Mode Hotspots. Their hearts forget their wives and children.

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It provides the perfect opportunity to grab a coffee, get a bite to eat or enjoy the various activities and sights around the park. When you're ready, just rejoin the next tour group approximately two hours apart. Tour the parks' serene woodland filled with over 26, trees, plus a wide variety of shrubs, vines, and wildlife.

Nature-lovers should keep an eye out for the various squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and even opossums that roam the woodland. Additionally, the park has become well known for its variety of birds. View ducks, geese, robins, blue jays, orioles, cardinals, warblers, kinglets, scarlet tanagers, downy woodpeckers, falcons, hawks, owls and of course pigeons. Back to top. Angel of Waters The Angel of Waters sits atop the Bethesda Fountain and references the Gospel of John, where an angel blesses the pool of Bethesda, giving it healing properties. The angel is depicted holding a lily in her left hand, symbolizing the purity of the waters. The fountain celebrates the Croton water system, which first brought fresh water to New York City in The establishment of clean water in the city is monumental, considering the cholera outbreak that devastated the city in The Angel of Waters is the first statue to be commissioned for the park and marks the first time a woman received a public art commission in New York City.

Delacorte also ordered the works in tribute to his late wife, Margarita, who often read the classic tale to their children. To this day, children climb and play on the picturesque statue and some parts of its patina surface has been polished smooth by their little hands. Cleopatra's Needle The Obelisk, nicknamed Cleopatra's Needle, is the oldest man-made object in central park and the oldest outdoor monument in New York City. There are only three of its kind in existence. The first was moved to London in Two years later, the second was erected in Central Park.

Paris has the third, slightly dissimilar needle.